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Hello folks,

It’s true. Art organizations, artists, we all, are struggling.

What we do, what we are, is probably the hardest decision many of us will make. It is a sacrifice to be an artist. It is hard to follow a dream with little hope of success, but there are people who know how you feel. Rich or poor, young or old, we come together with a purpose. A passion. A fire in our bellies to blanket the world with beauty.

This motivation, this desire to create, deconstruct, rebuild, is in us all. It is the artists who remind us we are not alone, that in fact we are incredibly in this world, and of it.

With these thoughts in mind I ask you to support an organization that understands these needs most keenly. A project that is run by folks who battle their own demons and desires, and who wake up every morning, eager to be a platform on which artists may stand.

It is a great honor to support those we find beauty in. It is a truly great thing to introduce artists to the world, to know their incredible stories. To not judge. To help carve a place and to know that art is not a contest but a privilege, a war, a memory, a need.

Lend your ears. Lend your voice. Help us always to make sure your words are heard.

Thank you and most joyous holidays in whatever credo or celebration you choose.

The 22

Unkept weeds.
08/23/2011, 10:07 pm
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Peek-a-boo monster masquerading as a flower.

Flower and monsters in a forest.

New Video Work.
02/25/2011, 5:30 pm
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A new, deafening primal scream.
Some of my first, delightfully obscene attempts at mixing purely from sound effects.
Bike wheel, scream, airport, take-off, landing….etc etc.
This one goes out to Bizzy.


Hi Folks, I’ll be helping in small ways with Panoply’s Institute_Institut project about reflections on the functions, foibles and roles of Institutions in daily life. They are currently looking for people to take 5 minutes or so to talk about institutions and I sure would appreciate it if you could come participate!


The final piece in the Transformational Grammar of the Institutional Glorybowltrilogy. Performances will be in early Fall, 2011.



Sunday, March 13th, 2-5pm at Surreal Estate
Sunday, March 20th, 2-5pm at Studio Maya
Sunday, March 27th, 2-5pm at PULSE Studios
(RSVP for addresses to:


Between Dec. 2010 and June 2011, PPL is conducting a series of Focus Workshops in Brooklyn, NY, investigating cultural structures, interpersonal politics, daily conceptions of reality, and institutional ecologies.

Seeking opinions, experiences, and feedback from individuals of all ages and from all backgrounds, these workshops form a public co-creation aspect of the experimental opera project Institute_Institut.

A Focus Workshop is part focus group and part thinktank. “Workshop” is used to note the performance-based perspective held by the workshop facilitators (the artists creating the project) and the performance research direction that some workshops take, depending on the interests of the participants.

Part I: Group Discussion. What are institutions? How do they function in your life? What are some of your experiences with them?

Part 2: Enactions, observations, and games.

All participants will receive a free ticket to the performances ofInstitute_Institut, in Fall 2011. The project is a staged documentary opera about authority, reality, institutionality, and sensibility. Issues and ideas discussed and researched through these Focus Workshops, as well as selected experiences, statements, and documentation from them (and many other forms of research) will largely form the libretto.

For more information, email

More monsters and flowers.

Getting close to some interesing things with the first painting in this series. It’s literally springing off the canvas and taking over my studio.

I can only imagine that vegetation will be my untimely end…….



































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